A+A is the largest international trade forum for safety, security and health at work.

Efficient protective equipment, new technology, individual solutions, functional and fashionable clothing.
The industry‘s market leaders present themselves with their latest products. Digital innovations revolutionise and optimise personal protection; this is a paradigm shift! In addition, work clothes are being transformed into outfits that are both fashionable and professional.

Measures, technology, devices. Targeted investments to increase everyone‘s safety.
Whether you‘re a corporate group, medium-sized company or small business, protecting employees and tangible assets, production and services is always a prime concern. People matter: this is an insight that will help safeguard the future, with measures ranging from fire protection to soundproofing, from electrical to transport safety, from machine protection to property security.

Sustainable concepts for effective prophylaxis to prevent damage to health.
The promotion of health at the workplace and the creation of healthy workplaces are important prerequisites for good work. The spectrum ranges from developments in occupational medicine and ergonomics within the workplace through the promotion of exercise and good nutrition to coping with digitalisation, robotics and artificial intelligence.


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